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Tools and websites that editors use 

(and you can, too)

20BooksHolland 2023 Conference – presentation

It was great to meet you all. As promised, here’s the list with tools and websites that are useful for (self)editing a manuscript:

Decide on US or UK English

US: Merriam-Webster

UK: Cambridge dictionary


Style guide:

US: Chicago Manual of Style

UK: New Hart’s Rules


Tools inside of Word:

  • Spellcheck (incl. grammar check)
  • Grammarly
  • PerfectIt
  • SmartEdit



Ginny and Judith were awesome! They edited the heck out of my manuscript ???? and I loved it! Thank you so much, Book Helpline!!!

Amaka Weaver

For the Rest of Us

I highly recommend Book Helpline because you cannot find a more qualified and dedicated team of professionals to help you through the publishing process – editing, ghost writing, proof reading, formatting, cover design, Amazon file uploading, etc. Book Helpline is 5 Star Plus organization that delivers excellent results.

Daniel Siberio

The Seven Principles of Life

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