Customer Feedback

A selection of tweets and Facebook posts from a few of the authors we’ve worked with.

D.M. Barr
Rand Harlow
As a first-time author, I don't know what I would have done without Book Helpline. They were patient, pleasant, professional, and reasonably priced. That's a hard combination to find these days. Be diligent. Do your research. But I doubt you'll find a better deal.
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Bridget Miller
Jakey Knight
David Sindall
Teymour Shahabi
Lisa K. Höfler
I sent my very first manuscript for a story analysis to Book Helpline, and after a short turnover time, I received gentle but honest feedback, bringing up very valid points to improve my story. Honestly, I'm rather insecure about my own writing, but Ginny (the editor I worked with) gave me the feeling the dream of publishing can be achieved. I'm convinced Book Helpline will also help with their other editor services to bring out the best in my book.
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M. Van
Darren Stapleton
Sunny Makar
Gareth solomon
Rania Alammar
Clive Howard
Robin Ive
Mark Bishop
Robert Bridge
Peter Hurley
Rosie Button
Andrew West Boyd
Gary Breen
I have been submitting my manuscripts to Book Helpline for the last four years now. I have submitted anything from 90,000 word manuscripts to short children’s books. Depending on the manuscript you have submitted you are paired with the best editor to help bring out the best in your work.
Book Helpline has been great in helping me develop my characters, plot, story and they aren’t afraid to tell you what needs to be cut to keep the story progressing and the reader hooked.
I have no doubt I will be using their services for years to come.
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Yogesh Mali
Adinde Schoorl
Book helpline helped me tremendously! Twice did they go over my whole manuscript to give feedback without charging me the second time. They are professional, patient and nice!
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Lynne Marino
Great people. They will give you an honest story analysis in a gentle and respectful way. Their copy-editing service is excellent as well.
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